Can We Overcome

Without realizing it, we have become addicted to the drug social media. So I have decided to step outside the box and give a real account of day by what happens when you try to leave social media.

Facebook was installed on my cell phone, with notifications. And when I decided take a break from Facebook, a couple of hours after I did make that post to leave,  I received notifications pertaining to my post. That was my first mistake because some Facebook friends wanted to make sure everything was alright.

I was tempted to go back on Facebook and answer their post, but I declined. In agony I tossed and turned all night. Thinking about Facebook. What an addictive social media outlet this is.

I did not want to permanently delete Facebook, as I’m not quite ready to give up all contact with the world, but enough so I’m not addicted to it, day in and day out. 

Day 2: I faced the same issue in the morning. I wanted to check my Facebook account, but I so far have not and made a better choice. Instead I have resorted to writing in my WordPress page. The day is almost over and proud to say I have kept my promise to myself to not go on Facebook even though the idea crossed my mind. I have found enough to keep me busy without social media, although I still find it hard not to share things. 

Which brings me to another topic.Single and alone, without social media, what does one do? It is hard to be alone, with no companion, no one to share your thoughts with. But I guess I’m glad I write, because in a way I am able to share experiences. It seems like for me sharing on Facebook was just one way of telling others what I was doing, which I did not like and me being somewhat of a private individual even though I share my thoughts, I still try own some privacy.

Day 3: I feel so clean and alive, this morning , the birds are chirping , lots of them, the sun is out slightly against my windows, and the sun shines through.I feel like “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows is my theme song”.

I have not googled Facebook nor looked at my Facebook page in three days. Yesterday I was preoccupied with reading, writing and the Superbowl. Of course New England won over Falcons, who played a tough game, but the Patriots came back and won 32-28. Wow what an incredible game to watch!

So far so good today and it has not been that bad. So I guess it’s not as addicting as I though to be on social media. I think for me it narrows down to prioritizing what I need to do throughout the day.Like set goals, which I have gotten away from.

The ending: Days 4,5 and 6. I realize I can do without Facebook and that’s a good thing. I do like to access it for a game I play or a recipe, but for the most part, I have not been opening my Facebook page every half hour. All it took was realizing that if I plan other things, write things down and keep busy, then I’m not getting bored. 

But we must decide if we want to live with or without today’s technology. And it all goes hand in hand. If you own a cell phone your likely to down load the apps. If you own a cell phone then that’s how you will keep in touch with people. Then we learn to speak at devices instead of using our hands. Devices that type for us, or turn our lights on, etc… 

Technology is taking over the human way. I believe it has taken over human touch as well. So you choose as I will make the choice as well.


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