Women In The Civil War

Why go back? Why learn anything at all about history? 

Well history not only repeats itself, but the past is part of the present or so it can be. 

I’ve been involved in reading on a particular subject of interest which is the Civil War. Women’s roles in the Civil War. And to be exact it appears that around 400-500 women in the Civil War took on roles as men soldiers, spies, and nurses. 

This is quite interesting to ride with these woman in their roles, as patriotic as they were in protecting their military.

Which is not much different today as many more woman today than yesterday have a patriotic sense to serve in their military and their men.

Today it is legal for a woman to serve her country, not only legal but honorable, and to think of the thousands of woman who do so.

It’s a far cry from the woman who stand in line at a protest screaming about woman’s rights. Does this tell you anything? I will leave it for the reader to dwell upon. Women today have the right to perform just about any duty as a man, as long as she is fit to do so.Need I say anymore?

Two excellent books that I have read were: The autobiography of Loretta Janet’s Velasquez “The Woman in Battle”. Not only did she want to ride side by side with her husband in the Civil War, she was very patriotic and true to the Confederacy. She did what she had to do for her responsibility of the role she took on as a soldier, then a spy. 

The second book I am reading “A Soldiers Secret”, By Marissa Moss, about Sarah Edmonds, is another young female, a true story of masquerading as a man, for self discovery and the responsibility to that position. The truth and horrors of a woman in the Civil War.

“I Shall Be Near To You”, by Erin Lindsay McCabe.

Rosetta Wakefield cannot stand the fact her husband Jeremiah is going off to fight in the Civil War. So Rosetta goes out after him , to stay by his side. But she goes as a soldier to the end.


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