This is a post in reference to my Relationships blog on WordPress. 

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Love has many faces,  Not just one size fits all.
You can have relationships as long as two people have an understanding 5000 miles away.
There are couples who are married and don’t even live together. Many of them work clear across the states from one another.
Having a relationship that suits you and your other half is all that matters.
People, many don’t even get married as much these days. What is marriage? A paper commitment , a legal bond. But a healthy loving trusting relationship doesn’t have to have a legal bond. Again a good solid foundation for a relationship and a deeper understanding must take place, in order for it to last.
When you meet a guy or a girl, if you both agree on the time that will be spent with one another then you’ve accomplished a great deal. Not everyone needs to live together or even spend a lot of time together. 
It all comes down to agreeing with one another on the type of relationship you are seeking.
Sometimes when you care for someone or love someone that’s all that matters. Time and distance sometimes is not issue. Especially for seniors. Example if there were a lonely person 5000 miles away and they were a shut in, maybe to them just knowing you cared or lived them would satisfy them. 
Sometimes at our age , just a companion , a friend, whether it be male to female, female to female or male to male, sometimes companionship can mean so much. And you can still love and care for a companion. Companionships can take on many forms.
Not everyone, needs day to day contact. But I think everyone needs love in some form or another. Whether it be watching a movie in a nursing home or lying in bed with one another, whether it be a phone call, a letter or a date night. Everyone needs somebody.
Now I know there are people that say they don’t need anybody. But they are in denial. And their heart aches. And it is very unhealthy, very unhealthy not to give and receive love. But I think not only are people broken and afraid, some people only know one way. But there are many ways to give and receive love.
You give love and you will receive love, the rest works itself out and if you are mature, in love it can last a very long time.  And for seniors the amount of time is not known , but is really known for anyone at all? 
Love,  whether married or not , companion or friend, husband or wife, shouldn’t it be ”

for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health”. Even I think a friendship qualifies that notion.????
Love, friendship, companionship, don’t deny yourself or others. Especially when you can be a blessing to someone else, you just may not know…..


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