How Resourceful Are You?

It’s 1 A.M. and your power goes out. Candles are fine for illumination, but how do you get power to your cell phone? You notice the bars are low and you are not prepared.Whether you live in the city or in the country and your source of electricity comes from power lines, there are times when the power goes out,  in a time where most of our lives exist by electronic devices. Are you prepared for an emergency or disaster? How are you charging your cell phone?

 I started thinking about this last night after my power went out and I noticed I had very few bars on my phone. I was okay with the candle for light but I thought when am I going to get electricity to power my phone? I did some research today and of course one of the ways is to preserve what power you have left on your phone or tablet, or I could sit in my car and charge my phone on solar battery. I couldn’t use that unfortunately none of those options were available to me. 

The one option I was not aware of, is a radio that needs neither battery nor DC outlet to play music. Simply just crank the handle. A hand-crank radio produces power by using a magnet and a coil of conductive wire. In 1989 Trevor Bayless and English inventor invented the windup radio. According to Wikipedia “the radio was powered by the user winding a crank for several seconds which stores energy in the spring which then drives an electrical generator to operate the radio receiver”. The price range appears to be anywhere from $15 to $100. With that in mind, you get what you pay for. Some options could be solar power, AM/FM radio, + NOAA weather stations, a flashlight, USB smartphone ports, a clock, and headphone jacks. 

Food for thought, something to be aware about next time you’re without power at least you’ll be prepared.


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  1. Having a ‘crank’ radio is definitely a plus especially if it can power your radio or has a light. But consider the fact that if the power is out for you it may also be out for the phone’s cell towers. Maybe it is time we thought past conventional means of communication and had a back up for that also like a 12v DC ham radio? Thanks for a great posting.


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